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Our multinational teams feature deep analytic experience in China, North Korea, Central & South-East Asia, Latin America, and emerging EMEA. Our people have native-language capabilities and deep socio-cultural understanding, alongside functional expertise in government, political economy, finance, critical and emerging industry, and security operations.


All-Source Data Capability

Our All-Source approach supplements on-the-ground collection of traditional information with alternative sources such as social media, Open and Dark Web scraping, weather, and geospatial imagery.

This methodology brings together a vast array of information and puts it directly in the hands of analysts to inform and assess.

LUX™ - Machine Learning Technology Platform

LUX™ is patented Big Data technology software that processes large volumes of fast-moving, ever-changing data from hundreds of sources, in real-time.

With the ability to process over 35 billion events per day, LUX™ is designed to combine data ingest with exploitation seamlessly.

Its flexible analytics framework integrates human queries, machine learning, and artificial intelligence models, often working in parallel, to capture and validate multiple levels of insight.

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Unique Analytical Methodology

Proven framework across the highest levels of national security and private sector planning and execution. Delivery through dynamic reports tailored to each project, with continuously updated situational awareness based on a vast array of ever-changing data, powerful analytics, and expert human evaluation.

Leadership Team


Peggy Lyons

ICG Chief Intelligence Officer

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Building on a career in intelligence and global experience, Peggy has been leading our customized analytic service for over a decade, providing international awareness for executive decision making in the public and private sectors. She heads a team of analysts with native languages, sociocultural insights, and functional expertise specializing in China, Africa, Latin America, Russia and Central Asia, the Koreas, and the Middle East. With long-standing professional networks, they are able to cover any country or issue of concern for clients. They produce assessments based on real-time monitoring of native language sources on security, economics, political, legal/regulatory, business, cyber, and stability dynamics.

Peggy also has extensive experience marrying analysis with technology, including streaming analytics, artificial intelligence, and strategic communications.

• BA, East Asian Languages and 0Civilizations, Harvard University


Thomas Tippetts

Director - Investment Consulting Services

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Prior to co-founding Illumina Insight, Thomas was a senior associate at ERG Partners, a corporate finance and M&A advisory firm, in London. Through his coverage of the global intelligence industry, Thomas recognized that integrating high-volume data and technology analytics with expert consulting services would deliver faster, more insightful and actionable solutions to investment funds and corporate clients.

Previously Thomas was an officer in the UK Royal Marines.

• Double BA in Economics & Politics, 0Newcastle University

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David Waldrop

David Waldrop

Director - Technology Analytics

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David is the principal founder, president, and CEO of Illumina Consulting Group, Inc. David has more than 35 years of envisioning and delivering exceptional technology solutions as an architect and technical leader at Microsoft, Groove Networks, and Ernst & Young LLP. He is a recent member of the FEMA National Advisory Council.

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Louis Lyons

Louis M. Lyons, II

Director - Operations/Legal

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Louis is co-founder, COO, and Counsel of Illumina Consulting Group, Inc. He spent nearly 20 years at Ernst & Young LLP as an executive leader responsible for technology service delivery and special initiatives management for the Americas Tax service line.

• JD, Law, American University 0Washington College of Law

• BA, History, Harvard University

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Team Leaders

Yi Liu

Director of Asia Pacific

Specialties: China; Business, Finance, and Law

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For over ten years, Yi has specialized in business, finance, and investment analysis in Asia. She leads a team that produces assessments of business and trade sectors, policy and regulation, financial and investment data, and the security and operational environment, focusing on leadership dynamics, energy, and labor issues. She has also led complex asset recovery projects and the development of specialized technology for tracking governance trends.

Yi also has several years of experience in process management improvement (Six Sigma) for a consulting major and at the largest Chinese investment bank. She has native Chinese. In addition to Six Sigma and passing CFA Level II, she has her:

• MBA, Finance and International Economics, the George Washington University

• BA, International Trade and Economics, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing

Alexandre Mansourov

Executive Consultant

Specialties: North Korea, Russia, Central Asia; Investments

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An internationally known expert on North Korea and an astute analyst of Russia and Central Asia, Alexandre has expertise in cross-national political analysis, strategic political/security/military assessments, and socio-economic trends analysis. He provides keen insights for investments, deep diligence on key leaders, influence, and compliance issues, as well as geopolitical impact and mitigation assessments on such topics as nuclear power, oil & gas, foreign direct investment, cyber security, mining, and strategic military strategies.

Alexandre has broad experience supporting US defense and intelligence programs, non-governmental agencies, corporate clients, and in academia. He has taught at Harvard, Colombia, Tufts, and the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies and currently teaches courses on North Korea at the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies and on Russian Foreign Policy, Russia in the Middle East, and Intelligence Analysis at Georgetown University.

He is a frequent commentator on North Korea in international multimedia and at international conferences. He frequently briefs top government and military leaders as well as legislators in the US and Asian allies.

In addition, his background as a stockbroker and CPA on Wall Street informs his advice to clients. He has native Russian and fluent Korean (North and South).

• PhD, MPhil, Political Science, Columbia University

• MA, Political Science, Northern Illinois University

• BA, Moscow State University of International Relations

• Advanced Diploma, Kim Il Sung University, Pyongyang

Nkengo Lokulutu

Executive Consultant

Specialties: Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Security

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Ken provides political leadership, business, and compliance assessments the oil & gas sector throughout Africa. He is a skilled analyst as well as a security expert with a strong background on the ground in conflict zones, supporting and protecting fieldwork by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and USG foreign affairs entities in Africa and the Middle East.

Ken is particularly savvy about compliance issues, statistics, and risk mitigation strategies. He also is an experienced briefer and analyst on Central and South America economic, security and trade issues. He has native French and Lingala.

• MA in Cyber Security (expected in 2019), Marymount University

• Studies for MA in International Economics, North Carolina State University Poole College of Management

• BA in International Economics, University of Florida

Ines Echeagaray Cumming

Latin America Management Consultant

Specialties: Mexico; Security

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For our multinational clients in the oil, gas, & energy, pharmaceutical, and computer services sectors, Ines provides executive decision-making support for business and investment opportunities and risk mitigation strategies to protect them in Latin America, particularly Mexico. She highlights leadership, competitor, political, and governance factors affecting strategic planning/strategy development. Her expertise is particularly valuable for market expansion, risk mitigation, deep diligence, and understanding of high-impact relationships among political and business elites in this region.

Ines has served as a business and security consultant as well as a strategic analyst for both US and Mexican multinationals. She has native Spanish and proficient French.

• MA in Security Studies from the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University (2017)

• BA in International Relations from Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM) in Mexico City, Mexico (2011)

Christopher Mynatt

Lead Engineer

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Christopher is a systems engineer with Illumina Consulting Group, Inc. He is the lead technical subject matter expert supporting the use of LUX™ for Illumina Insight.

• MS, Fisheries Science, Texas A&M

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